Education is at the forefront of our beliefs. Without knowledge we cannot determine what our beliefs mean.
-Doug Richens

Learn About Our Mission and What We Believe

What Wellness Education Means To Us

Our wellness approach is centered on neuroscience, highlighting the connection between mental, emotional health, and brain function. We believe vigorous movement, proper nutrition, and adequate rest are crucial for physical health, while connection, love, and service nourish the mind and soul. Many wellness systems fall short due to overreliance on medications and flawed methods. We advocate for a different path: education, guidance, and deliberate action, empowering individuals to achieve lasting wellness through knowledge, support, and purposeful engagement.

Our World View

At the heart of our worldview is a profound belief in our shared humanity, where every person and nation is part of one great human family deserving of respect and dignity. We thrive on equality, compassion, and personal resilience, recognizing our deep connection to the earth's natural cycles and the universal human experience. By acknowledging our interconnectedness, we commit to uplifting one another, honoring inherent dignity, and fostering a community of mutual respect and understanding. In this unity, we find our greatest strength and most enduring hope.

Our Future

We believe in a future bright with potential, rooted in human goodness and understanding our minds and hearts. Generative AI, industry shifts, and workforce changes will redefine our world, but the essence of humanity will remain. These technologies offer challenges and opportunities, yet cannot replace the need for connection. As we educate, our compassion and empathy will lead to a more connected world. By embracing innovation and our shared humanity, we can build a future that honors both our potential and our enduring need for each other.


We believe family is the foundation of personal fulfillment and societal stability, at the heart of life's joy. It offers unconditional support, cherished values, and deep connections. As partners and parents of six, we're inspired by the love and strength from these relationships. Our bond as best friends enriches our family life and influences our work as life coaches and entrepreneurs. Together, we navigate challenges and celebrate joys, reinforcing our belief in the transformative power of family bonds to provide comfort, guidance, and strength amidst life's complexities.


We believe faith and spirituality are essential for understanding our place in the world and recognizing God's boundless love. This divine love offers comfort and purpose, guiding our lives. Honoring all spiritual traditions is crucial, as each provides unique ways to deepen our connection with the divine and each other. The journey of faith is dynamic and evolving, reflecting personal growth and broader life experiences. By nurturing an inclusive environment, we enrich our own faith and foster a community where everyone feels valued and understood in their spiritual quests.


We believe nature is essential for our physical and mental health, reducing stress and enhancing mood. As outdoor enthusiasts, we know how reconnecting with nature revitalizes the mind and body. We also have a responsibility to conserve natural habitats, preserving them for future generations and maintaining biodiversity. Advocating for conservation and responsible stewardship ensures nature's benefits remain accessible for all, highlighting our interdependence with the world around us.

Educate yourself on a Changing World

The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence is reshaping our society and our lives in ways we could scarcely have imagined a few years ago. Now, as we analyze these changes, it’s not just about the shiny new technologies but also about understanding the deeper impacts on our brains, our emotions, and our daily existence. Educating yourself on the coming economic shifts, changes in the workforce, advancements in healthcare, education transformations, and social interactions driven by AI has never been so important. Trust me, even someone like me—who once had to ask his kids how to properly use a smartphone—can appreciate the importance of understanding these changes.

Our goal is to educate people on the impact AI is having in the world today. To help keep you not only ahead of the curve on this but also to keep you emotionally safe. Change can be scary and we are here to help.