Meet Jeanine

“Step into a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with me! My purpose is to help you uncover your innate potential and reach your aspirations. Together, we’ll conquer challenges, foster resilience, and unleash your inner greatness. Join me on this transformative path towards crafting the life you envision!”
– Jeanine Richens
Jeanine’s professional life has been helping individuals and families living in homelessness and poverty conditions. She understands that people progress through pain, grief, failures, hardship and addictions not through societal judgment, shame and guilt but instead through deep compassion, unconditional love and real connections. The eternal optimist, she wholeheartedly believes there is good in everyone and that each one of us deserve second, third, even fourth chances or more, if necessary, to achieve our greatest dreams. 
Jeanine’s greatest gift is her ability to connect with and empower struggling individuals in discovering their true self worth, learning to embrace self-compassion and achieve lasting peace.

Sign up for Jeanine’s Graceful women’s mentorship program. 

Our mentorship program aims to create a supportive and safe space for women to connect, learn, and grow together. The discussions will be interactive, informative, and geared towards providing practical strategies and insights that you can apply in your everyday life.