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Our Packages

Services Included Personalized Coaching Sessions
1. Tailored one-on-one sessions focusing on individual needs and goals.
2. Neuro-Wellness Guidance - Expert advice on enhancing brain health through lifestyle adjustments.
3. Research-Based Insights - Access to the latest findings in psychology and neuroscience integrated into your wellness plan.
4. Accountability Support - Structured follow-ups to keep you on track with your objectives.
5. Educational Resources - Comprehensive materials to deepen understanding of personal wellness topics.
6. Group Workshops - Collaborative sessions for shared learning and community support.


Initial visit
  • 45 minutes
  • Wellness Evaluations
  • Access to Resources
  • Development of personalized plan

Personal & Couples

Coaching Sessions
$ 300-500 Hourly
  • Single Session - $300
  • 5 Sessions - $1375
  • 10 Sessions - $2450
  • 15 Sessions - $3750
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Rewilding package
$ 500-800 Hourly
  • 20 Session package
  • Learn AI Integration
  • Rewilding/Emotional Wellness
  • Team building
  • Access to Expert Leadership team
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The Coaching Session

60 to 90 minutes long

Our sessions incorporate cutting-edge insights, the latest research, and guidance tailored to your personal wellness journey. We provide neuro-wellness advice to help you understand and optimize your brain's health, along with structured accountability to ensure you follow through with your objectives.

Join us to explore new perspectives and achieve your wellness goals with clarity and precision.

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  1. Tailored Brain Health Strategies: A neuro-wellness coach can provide personalized strategies and exercises specifically designed to enhance brain function and mental health, considering your unique lifestyle and needs.

  2. Enhanced Emotional Regulation: Learn techniques to better manage emotions and stress, which can lead to improved mental health and relationships.

  3. Improved Cognitive Function: Coaches can introduce routines and habits that help sharpen cognitive abilities like memory, focus, and decision-making.

  4. Support for Mental Health: Get support in managing symptoms of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress through targeted, neuroscience-based practices.

  5. Accountability and Motivation: Having a coach keeps you accountable to your wellness goals, helping maintain the motivation needed to commit to long-term changes that can transform your mental and physical health.

  6. Latest Research and Techniques: Stay informed on the latest neuroscientific research and wellness techniques, ensuring you are always at the cutting edge of what can benefit your overall well-being.

Hiring a relationship and marriage coach can bring numerous benefits to your partnership. Here are seven reasons why it might be a valuable decision:

  1. Improved Communication Skills: A coach can teach you and your partner effective communication techniques, helping you express your feelings and needs more clearly and listen to each other more effectively.

  2. Conflict Resolution: Learn how to resolve conflicts in a healthy and constructive way, reducing stress and misunderstanding within your relationship.

  3. Deepened Emotional Connection: Coaches can help couples understand and respond to each other’s emotional needs, fostering a deeper emotional connection.

  4. Renewed Commitment: A relationship coach can help reignite the commitment between partners, helping to reinforce the reasons you chose each other and how to continue growing together.

  5. Enhanced Intimacy: Coaching can help address issues in physical and emotional intimacy, guiding you through barriers to a closer and more satisfying intimate connection.

  6. Objective Perspective: A coach offers an unbiased viewpoint that can help you see your relationship from a new perspective, providing insights that you or your partner might not have considered.

  7. Personal Growth: Relationship coaching not only benefits the relationship but also contributes to personal growth, as individuals learn more about themselves, their behaviors, and their responses within the relationship.

Hiring a professional development coach can be a transformative investment in your career and personal growth. Here are the top seven reasons to consider one:

  1. Enhanced AI Integration: In an increasingly digital world, a professional development coach can help you learn and integrate AI technology into your work, ensuring you stay ahead in your field.

  2. Mental and Emotional Stability: Coaches provide tools and strategies to manage work-related stress and maintain mental and emotional stability, which is crucial for sustained professional performance.

  3. Skill Development: A coach can help identify your current skill gaps and guide you in developing new skills that are vital for career advancement.

  4. Effective Team Building: Learn strategies for building stronger, more cohesive teams. A coach can provide insights into effective leadership and team dynamics that foster a productive work environment.

  5. Career Clarity and Direction: Gain clarity on your career path with guided exploration of your goals and aspirations. A coach can help you outline a clear and actionable roadmap to achieve your career objectives.

  6. Boosted Creativity and Innovation: Coaches can challenge your thinking patterns and encourage out-of-the-box thinking, boosting your creativity and ability to innovate in your role.

  7. Inspirational Motivation: Working with a coach can be incredibly motivating, as they inspire you to pursue your goals relentlessly and overcome any obstacles in your path, keeping you driven and focused on your long-term objectives.

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