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There are areas of overlap between the two, and it can be difficult to decide what you need in your life. Here are a few things to consider. In general terms, a licensed therapist assesses, diagnoses, and treats mental illness, trauma and other cognitive disorders through various modalities and methods. As such, therapists often focus their work on identifying and reducing symptoms. Individuals with a history of severe mental illness should stay connected to a licensed therapist and may also benefit from the support role of a Life Coach. Great coaches are well educated, certified, and trained experts in their area of focus. Coaches seek to motivate and encourage people to achieve specific goals. Great coaches are solution-focused and results-driven; they help you take responsibility for your actions and to achieve lasting change and success. For many people the coaching experience is a positive complement to traditional therapy. Clients are strongly encouraged to conduct the needed research to fully understand what is best for them in their life.

No. A life coach is not a licensed mental, emotional, or cognitive health therapist. Nor is a life coach a medical or nutritional professional, a relationship, or sex therapist. The advice offered through Gray Space Experts, LLC, is motivational, supportive and educational in nature and is provided only as general information. It is not meant to establish a therapist-patient relationship or offer therapeutic advice, opinion, diagnose treatment or to establish a standard of care. Although Gray Space Experts, LLC, are trained and qualified life coaches, they are not functioning in the role of a licensed therapist or medical professional during these sessions, but rather using their training to inform these sessions. Thus, the content is not intended to replace independent personal or professional judgment. Discussion topics within coaching sessions should not be relied upon as medical or psychological advice. Clients with a diagnosed mental illness or who are experiencing or suspect they are experiencing trauma, depression, or anxiety should consult with a licensed therapist and medical professional and consider their coaching experience only as an extension of support to other professional care. 

No, we are not certified financial planners/advisors nor certified financial analysts, economists, CPA’s, accountants or lawyers. We are not finance professionals through formal education. All communications between us as coach and client, whether written or verbal, are for informational, motivational and entertainment purposes only and do not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice. It is strongly recommended that all our clients hire and have regular consultation with trusted certified financial and legal advisors.

Session Durations:

All Initial Sessions and on-going Individual/Couple Sessions are 60 minutes in duration.

Sessions may be in the form of In-Office, Telephone or Zoom Meeting.

To adjust for yearly inflation and operating costs, Doug Richens will increase the coaching session rates as needed.


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