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co-founder &
operational director

Jeanine Richens

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." -gandhi

Jeanine’s professional life has been helping individuals and families living in homelessness and poverty and helping them rise above their current conditions. She is the Co-Founder at Gray Space Experts, working with her husband, Doug, to bring about modern mental wellness to individuals and families here in Utah and around the country.
Jeanine understands that people progress through pain, grief, failures, hardship and addictions not through societal judgment, shame and guilt but instead through deep compassion, practical resources, love and real connections. The eternal optimist, she wholeheartedly believes there is good in everyone and that each one of us deserve second, third, even fourth chances or more, if necessary, to achieve our wildest dreams.
Jeanine’s greatest gift is her ability to connect with and empower those who struggle in discovering their true self worth, learning to embrace self-compassion in our messy lives, set healthy boundaries and find peace in their current circumstances.
Sam Richens

Social Media Manager

Sam is the Social Media Manager for Gray Space. With his gift of High-Functioning Autism, he has exceptional attention to detail. Oh, and in his free time, he is working on his MBA degree.
Nate Richens

it specialist and marketing expert

Nate handles all the backend of our courses and the website. With a great understanding of people and the world he helps to push our message at Gray Space Experts to as many people as possible.
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