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Our life coaching experts are prepared to transform you and those you love, overhaul your mental health, and help you feel better today!  

The first step to feeling better is understanding your own brain. Because of this, in our coaching sessions we emphasize brain health and educate you about what is really happening inside your head. 

Next, we utilize strategies for mental and emotional release to help you move on from past trauma and let go of anything that is holding you back. 

Our clients report more positive change working with our coaches for six months than they have experienced with years of traditional therapists and counselors. 

Call us to experience real lasting change today! 

Improve Focus & Mental Health
Imagine living with clarity. Enjoy the present moment with increased emotional regulation, putting an end to stress, worry and anxiety.
Boost Activity & Energy
Launch into every day full of energy. Healthy nutrition for your brain and body are essential. Live in a way that brings joy today, and longevity and health for your tomorrow.
Empower Women for Success
Imagine living without fear. Elevate your confidence through our women's mentorship program and elevated paths that will help you live with more joy and feel unshakeable.
Move Beyond Troubles of the Past
Your past does not equal your future. Break free of previous traumatic experiences and live free from the weight of the past. We are here to help every step of the way.
Improve Sexual Health
Being present for yourself and your partner changes everything. Learn to find more joy, fun, respect and safety together.
Relationships that Bring Joy
Building stronger connections together changes everything. Discover more about those you love and how to be closer than ever.
Young Adults Ready for the World
Jump into the future. Get the wisdom, guidance and coaching you need to make the next big step into adulthood.
Our Services

Personal Coaching

Our personal coaching offer guidance for: 
-individuals experiencing persistent stress
-frequent anxiety, low mood
-other emotional challenges 
We specialize in helping clients navigate:
-feeling overwhelmed
-difficulty focusing
-with difficult past traumatic experiences 
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Young Adults

With our personal coaching service for young adults, we help address:
-persistent stress
-frequent anxiety or low mood
  We educate, mentor & inspire young adults to:
-build resilience & set attainable goals
-pursue fulfilling career paths & cultivate healthy relationships
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Couples Coaching

Our couple coaching programs are shame free, sex positive, solution focused & deeply transformative. We specialize in guiding couples through:
-trust, intimacy, parenting
-communication, unity, personal loss
-health challenges, addiction, betrayal
Our aim is greater joy, kindness, support & equality in every relationship we help. 
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Our parenting services offer guidance to parents at all stages of their journey, including parenting adult children.
We specialize in helping parents navigate:
-complex family dynamics
-communication challenges & transitions
-foster healthier relationships
-foster mutual respect & understanding
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Grief Management

Seasons of personal loss happens to everyone. Our grief support program offer a safe place to talk, feel and just be with your pain.
We specialize in providing personalized help during the emotional challenges of bereavement, finding meaning in these experiences, and rebuilding their lives with resilience and hope.

Special Programs

1. Rewilding: AI Buisness Program
2. Graceful: Women Mentor Group
3. Grown Folk: Parenting Adult Children
4. ADHD: Teen and Adult
5. Pornography and Sexual Compulsion

Trusted by Medical Professionals

Our neuroscience-centered and behavioral wellness approach to life coaching is both proven and practical. We are so grateful for the collaboration and support from many trusted medical professionals and leaders.

Gray Space (Doug & Jeanine) are not only knowledgeable but also compassionate. They truly care about their clients! They listen intently and then if needed, they connect them to other resources to help bring whole-istic care. As a Pharmacist, I have worked in collaboration with them to bring a higher level of care to their clientele.

Gray Space is also knowledgeable about business organization and how to scale by utilizing tools to make things run smoother. They have been great mentors to me as I have started to launch my own business ventures.

Jerilyn McKeon, PharmD, BCACP

CEO/Administrator/Clinical Pharmacist

Working in the healthcare field and experiencing trauma on a regular basis, it's easy to try and push the trauma we experience aside and say "this is a part of my job." I was giving more of myself than was healthy and didn't realize the toll it was taking on me mentally. Through attending a Gray Space course I learned to prioritize the NERD within me. Making my nutrition, exercise, rest, and reviewing my medication (drugs) that I was taking has helped me balance my work and mental health. Re-wiring the mental pathways experienced through trauma has helped me not carry the mental load I previously experienced.

Dyana Valdez, MSN

Nurse Education Coordinator - MOUNTAIN WEST MEDICAL CENTER

As a healthcare provider, I see the profound impact stress has on both personal and professional lives every day. Gray Space Experts Coaching Clinic's stress management educational tools are vital in helping individuals achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life. Their comprehensive approach empowers people with practical strategies to manage stress effectively, leading to improved mental and physical health. The tools provided by Gray Space Experts are indispensable for anyone looking to enhance their well-being and productivity, ultimately creating a more harmonious and resilient lifestyle.

Dr. Sarah Thompson, MD

Family Medicine Physician

As a mental health professional, I cannot overstate the importance of understanding the connection between the brain and body in achieving overall well-being. The educational tools provided by Gray Space Experts are exceptional in teaching individuals how to rewire their neuropathways for a healthier life. These tools offer insightful guidance on how to manage mental, physical, and emotional health holistically. By learning to harness the power of neuroplasticity, clients can transform their lives, leading to improved mental clarity, physical vitality, and emotional resilience."

Dr. Emily Carter, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

See what our clients have to say

"As a busy professional struggling with overwhelming stress and anxiety, Doug's guidance helped me regain control of my life and find balance. His direct approach approach have empowered me to manage my workload more effectively. I'm so grateful to have found Doug and the Gray Space team."

Angie d. 

Attorney, mother, wife. 

"Doug at Gray Space Experts has been a beacon of light during one of the darkest times of my life. After experiencing a traumatic loss, I felt lost and overwhelmed with grief. Doug's kindness, and listening ear provided me with a safe space to find hope again. I've learned to honor my grief while finding meaning in my life again."

Steve G. 

"I can't thank everyone enough for the help over the past few months. As a parent struggling with communication breakdowns and conflict with my adult children, I was at a loss. Doug's expertise in family issues has helped me rebuild healthier relationships with my grown children."

Mary P.

Meet our founders

Doug & Jeanine Richens

Doug and Jeanine are changing the lives of thousands of people as they bring their vision, experience and wisdom to the modern mental wellness field.

With 25 years as a leader in education, behavioral wellness and senior director for one of the fastest growing organizations in the world, Doug has dedicated his career to advancing mental and emotional health practices, addressing suicide prevention, marriage and family relations, sexual health and equality across gender, identity and race.

In addition to his leadership roles, Doug is an leader in modern neuroscience and behavioral wellness initiatives helping individuals grasp the connection between their emotional life and the mechanics of their brain and body.  Doug’s experience and education is extensive, including advanced certifications in the Neuroscience of Compassion from Stanford University.

While Doug’s a good guy, Jeanine is the real powerhouse. Her education and experience in wellness science and behavioral health has enabled her to focus her professional talents towards the injustices and improvement of services for those experiencing homelessness and situational poverty. She is also deeply committed to the advancement of women equality in education, business and family life and runs mentoring groups for women to help effecuate positive change in their lives. Her passion and energy inspire people to both be good and do good.

The direct care service provided at the Gray Space Experts clinic help to strengthen individuals and families.  Learn more about our founders here.

Doug’s Bio  

Jeanine’s Bio

Frequently Asked Questions:

At Gray Space Experts, we understand that the journey to better mental health and wellness is invaluable, and the benefits are truly priceless. By choosing to invest in yourself through our clinic, you’re not just purchasing services; you’re embracing a life-altering path of emotional stability that unfolds over just 3-6 months, not years.

See our current fee rates here. 

We have you start with a complimentary consultation, where we get to know you and your unique needs. Following this, a custom coaching plan will be crafted just for you.
After the consultation, if you are ready to proceed, choose which coaching package that works best for you. You can choose to pay per session as well. Our scheduling and payment system ensure a hassle-free experience.
Your well-being is our priority, and our process reflects our commitment to making your time with us as smooth and impactful on your emotional wellbeing as possible.
At every step of your journey our staff seeks to ensures a quality of care that aligns with the highest ethical and professional standards. 

Coaching vs. Counseling

Therapeutic lifestyle coaching offers a dynamic and effective alternative to traditional
counseling by integrating the latest insights from neuroscience and behavioral
health. This approach emphasizes the practical application of these insights in
daily life, enhancing the overall effectiveness of therapy. With a strong focus
on actionable strategies and personal accountability, clients are guided not
just in understanding their behaviors but in actively changing them. This
combination ensures a personalized and proactive pathway where individuals can
make swift and substantial progress towards their personal wellness goals.

Ethical Standard – link to ICF Code of Ethics 

Medical Disclaimer

 All services and consultations provided by Gray Space Experts are intended for educational and personal wellness purposes only. We are not medical doctors, and our advice should not be considered as medical guidance or replace consultation with a medical professional. We strongly encourage maintaining an ongoing and close connection with your trusted medical provider for all health-related concerns and decisions.