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Expert coaching

Elevate your well-being with our mental wellness coaching – together you will nurture resilience, foster balance, and overcome past issues, leading to lasting positive change.

modern solutions

Our approach goes beyond traditional coaching for lasting positive change. We align with proven technology companies, integrating helpful tools for a resilient and thriving mind.

Online learning

Designed to bring value not only to you but to your entire family, our courses empower meaningful transformations, fostering a path to a more fulfilling and connected life.

On-site training

Experience transformative onsite training for your work place in mental wellness, ruthless compassion, and integrated AI solutions. Elevate your team's resilience and well-being for sustained success.

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We go beyond the traditional talk therapy model.

Our approach to mental wellness is grounded in neuroscience, offering a path to rapid and practical results. 

Our people

At Gray Space, we exclusively bring on board top-tier experts with years of experience, rigorous training, and a track record of proven results.

Our Approach

Revolutionizing mental wellness with a neuroscience-based approach. Our modern solutions deliver tangible results with a gentle touch that truly make a difference in your life.

Our Promise

Say goodbye to years of therapy. Our clients experience lasting results with just 3-6 months of coaching, ushering in a new era of transformative change.




Expert, Coach, Owner

Doug richens

Doug is a seasoned professional with a robust 25-year journey in guiding individuals through life’s intricate challenges. 

Globally recognized, Doug’s qualifications have positioned him as a trusted mentor, sought after by people for his unparalleled support in mental and emotional well-being.

Learn more about Doug here. 


A year ago our family was in a very different place. We were desperate for a miracle to help our daughter. We took each day as a win if we made it to bed without tears, mental breakdowns, depression, anxiety, paranoia. For years, we sought help from countless therapists, doctors, counselors and alternative doctors. We were finally lead to Doug Richens and Gray Space Experts.
What Doug has done for our family in one day, one week, one month...has been nothing short of a miracle. His consistent effort of showing up, not only for our family, but for those we've referred, is one of the most selfless acts I've witnessed from any professional. We found our miracle.

Tori L.
Business Owner, Mother, Wife

Operational Director, Owner, Coach

jeanine richens

With decades of experience and education, Jeanine focuses on helping women find balance in all that life demands.

With expertise in parenting, relationship dynamics, intimacy, and women’s empowerment, she works to make sure you are balanced in all aspects of your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At Gray Space, we understand that navigating the complexities of emotional struggles can be challenging. Our expertise in the gray space of emotions allows us to uniquely address and support individuals in finding clarity, resilience, and genuine well-being. Choose us to embark on a transformative journey toward feeling better and embracing a brighter emotional life.

“At Gray Space Experts, we prioritize your wellness journey by offering top-tier modern services. While we don’t accept medical insurance, our commitment to excellence allows us to provide self-pay services tailored to meet any need and budget. Explore our diverse packages and invest in yourself with confidence, knowing you’re choosing a premier destination for holistic and personalized care. 

See our current fee rates here. 

At Gray Space Experts, we’ve streamlined our process to make your mental wellness journey with us simple and effective. Begin with an initial consultation appointment, where we get to know you and your unique needs. Following this, our team crafts a custom coaching plan designed just for you. Our scheduling and payment system ensure a hassle-free experience.

Experience real results as you embark on a path of positive change, and witness lasting transformations that resonate for real, for good. Your well-being is our priority, and our process reflects our commitment to making your time with us as smooth and impactful as possible.

At Gray Space, our dedication to wellness extends to individuals and families, creating a diverse and inclusive community. 

Our client breakdown reflects our commitment to serving a broad spectrum of needs:

– Men and women individual support (ages 35-50): 40%
– Married couples prioritizing wellness together: 30%
– Single adults in their 20’s navigating personal growth: 20%
– Teens and younger individuals fostering well-being: 10%

This diverse clientele underscores our mission to provide tailored support for every stage of life, ensuring that individuals and families find the guidance they need to thrive.

At Gray Space Experts, our commitment extends beyond quick fixes—we are dedicated to achieving long-term results and lasting change. We recognize that true transformation requires more than just immediate adjustments; it necessitates a season of sustained support.

Our high level of commitment to your ongoing well-being ensures that you have the resources and guidance needed for lasting change. We understand that the journey to wellness is unique for each individual, and our team is here to provide the continuous support required for your sustained growth and fulfillment. Trust us to be with you every step of the way on your path to enduring positive change.




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